The Fish

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The Fish

There are a wide variety of fish available to be caught out on the water, scroll down to learn more about the potential catches!

Yellowfin Tuna

The best Yellowfin Tuna fishing is in Venice, LA. The Yellowfin Tuna is one of the largest tunas, it can weigh up to 400 lbs.


These fish are so much fun to catch and will give you a fight. It is best known to sports fishermen, as its speed and high-quality flesh makes it a prized and valued game fish.


Mahi-Mahi have compressed bodies and a single long-based dorsal fin extending from the head almost to the tail. Mahi-mahi are among the fastest-growing of fish and some only live up to 5 years. 


Swordfish are elongated, round-bodied, and lose all teeth and scales by adulthood. Swordfish are among the fastest fish they are also known for being vigorous, powerful fighters. Boater’s love watching these fish jump. They say it is a beautiful sight.

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin Tuna is the smallest tuna species. Blackfin tuna have oval-shaped bodies, black backs with a slight yellow on the finlets, and yellow on the sides of their bodies.


Tilefish keep to themselves and generally stay at or near the bottom. They rely heavily on their keen eyesight to catch their prey.

Red Snapper

Red Snapper is one of the most popular of all white fish. Most of these fish are caught near oil rigs.


Amberjacks mature at around 4 years old. The maximum lifespan for females is 17 years, while the average is 10 due to popular demand for them in big game fishing and as a high-quality food fish.

Mako Sharks

They’re speedy, powerful predators, and definitely a big game target for sport fisherman.


Tarpons are a favorite of local anglers and traveling sport fishermen. They’re known as super strong fish, who don’t like cold water.


Cobia are dark brown with a single dorsal fin.  Cobia are often mistaken for sharks or remoras.

Triple Tail

The tripletail’s fondness for floating objects, posts, and pilings makes it a good target for anglers. Fishing for tripletail is most often “sight fishing” rather than blind casting. Use care when handling a tripletail. The bony plate is serrated and sharp, and the dorsal spines are stiff and sharply pointed.